Shipanga Medical Suites

Who we are
We are a 100% Namibian initiative rooted in the desire and commitment to provide the Medical Practitioners with the best medical infrastructure so as to enable the practitioners the opportunity to offer and give access to our people medical experience of note.

Our aim is to create a network of Medical Practitioners to provide the Best Medical Services
For Our People.

For Medical Profesionals

We will offer the medical practitioners call management services, managing the bookings and diary for the doctors.

Process medical claims, collect payments on behalf of the medical practitioners

All revenue and proceeds will be for the personal benefit and account of respective

Maintenance and up keep of infrastructure shall be on the account of Shipanga medical suites,
(excluding consumables).

The hygiene and up keep of the suite shall be provided by Shipanga Medical suites.

Each Medical practitioner will have a fixed monthly cost, excluding the telephone expenses account.

Secured parking in the basement will be provided for every practitioner.

For our Patients
To offer our clients the best customer experience.
To treat our patients fairly, Equally with Respect and Dignity

For our people
We commit to listen, adapt and improve as we go.